And then it struck me.

I am in love.

There are happy times. A lot of happy times. We laugh, we have plenty of fun, and we are always very happy together. There is almost never a dull moment.

But it wasn’t just the happy times that I felt like I was in love. It wasn’t the exciting moments that made me realize that I was in love. I knew that I really like this person, but love; that is a whole new ball game. It can be easy to mistake love as many other things, such as happiness, infatuation and even lust. But that one day it struck me and I knew that it wasn’t just that.

How ironic, but what made loving him so apparent was the unhappiness and arguments we had. I did not want to run away from the disagreements, but instead I felt that I wanted to face any sh*t that came in our way, as long as it was with him.

It might have been because he was always so ready to share his thoughts with me, and I’ve never had that with anyone else. It is different this time. I felt like he wanted to conquer the world and its problems with me, and so did I. We had a good (or should I say compatible) system to communicate our problems, and that made me feel that we could take on the world together. Come what may, we can and will fight together, and be there for each other.

That very first time when we had our disagreements, amidst all the tears, there was a weird sense of comfort that it was him I was doing this with. There was a sense of home when I leaned on his chest. And when he wrapped his arms around me, I knew that this was it. I am in love, and wherever we are headed to, as long as with him, I know we’ll make it. 

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