You run. Away. Or at least, try. Try to run away. When your mind says no, trust it, leave him.

Like how Taylor Swift’s song goes, “I knew you were trouble when you walked in”, if you know someone smells like a big mistake, leave.

But of course, no, you can’t. And you won’t. Because your heart says yes. So. You walk straight into the trap. His trap. His tug of war, where he makes the rules. And you? You get pulled along.

Some days, you’re happy getting pulled along. Days when he actually makes time to send you a “Good Morning Beautiful” and you never fail to fall for it. Every single time. Damn you.

And the other days, he disappears. He doesn’t text or call, he doesn’t ask how your day went, he doesn’t apologize for not contacting, he doesn’t explain where he went.

But. “Good Morning Lovely” he comes again the following day. And what do you feel? You feel loved again. You feel like he never left. You forgive him. Without him apologizing. Without him asking for it. Without any form of explanation. You forgive him.

A vicious cycle.

It happens over and over again.

Because you let it.

So what do you do when your mind says no, but heart says yes?

You run.


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