1) The Number One

The one you put on the pedestal because he was that amazing. Maybe you’ve been in a relationship with him, or maybe he’s just someone you had a one sided love for, but he’s someone you’ll never forget. And every other guy whom you meet after him will have a hard time getting to you because he will always be better.

2) The Douchebag

The one who asked you for your number but never texted you back. Maybe it was a dare he made with his friends, maybe he just asked out of courtesy, maybe he forgot. Whichever, what a douche.

3) The Heartbreaker

The one who lied to you over and over again. “I’m going to bed” but actually he was at the club. The one who you tried not to feel upset after breaking up because he wasn’t worth it, but you still cried anyways.

4) The Lover

The one who loved you deeply. So deeply, it scared you a little. He was a little too serious, a little too possessive, a little too sensitive. You realized that he’s not what you wanted, so you left.

5) The Good Friend

The one who you’ll never have any special feelings for, vice versa. You can always count on him when you want to go somewhere and no one else is free. A new movie, a Michelin Star restaurant, an art exhibition, whichever it is, wherever you want to go, you know he’ll be game for it.

6) The Brother

The one who you thought would be a good friend, but he ends up falling for you. You don’t want to break it to him too directly that you aren’t interested, so you call him a bro. A brother. Someone whom you would have family ties with, hoping that he would grasp the hint.

7) The Idiot

The one who you honestly dislike but still stay friends because you just want to be nice. He doesn’t get it and pisses you off by being too obvious in his tactics to woo you. You wish you could say “Fuck off” but politely go with “Sorry, I’m really not interested”.

8) The One🌟

The one who you will eventually end up with. The one who will love you for all your good and your bad. For all you did in the past, and all that you will do in the future. The one who supports you, the one who tries his best. The one whom you’ll love forever. The lucky one.

Photo Source: Tumblr – pokec0re


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