The 8 Guys You Meet In Life

The 8 Guys You Meet In Life

1) The Number One

The one you put on the pedestal because he was that amazing. Maybe you’ve been in a relationship with him, or maybe he’s just someone you had a one sided love for, but he’s someone you’ll never forget. And every other guy whom you meet after him will have a hard time getting to you because he will always be better.

2) The Douchebag

The one who asked you for your number but never texted you back. Maybe it was a dare he made with his friends, maybe he just asked out of courtesy, maybe he forgot. Whichever, what a douche.

3) The Heartbreaker

The one who lied to you over and over again. “I’m going to bed” but actually he was at the club. The one who you tried not to feel upset after breaking up because he wasn’t worth it, but you still cried anyways.

4) The Lover

The one who loved you deeply. So deeply, it scared you a little. He was a little too serious, a little too possessive, a little too sensitive. You realized that he’s not what you wanted, so you left.

5) The Good Friend

The one who you’ll never have any special feelings for, vice versa. You can always count on him when you want to go somewhere and no one else is free. A new movie, a Michelin Star restaurant, an art exhibition, whichever it is, wherever you want to go, you know he’ll be game for it.

6) The Brother

The one who you thought would be a good friend, but he ends up falling for you. You don’t want to break it to him too directly that you aren’t interested, so you call him a bro. A brother. Someone whom you would have family ties with, hoping that he would grasp the hint.

7) The Idiot

The one who you honestly dislike but still stay friends because you just want to be nice. He doesn’t get it and pisses you off by being too obvious in his tactics to woo you. You wish you could say “Fuck off” but politely go with “Sorry, I’m really not interested”.

8) The One🌟

The one who you will eventually end up with. The one who will love you for all your good and your bad. For all you did in the past, and all that you will do in the future. The one who supports you, the one who tries his best. The one whom you’ll love forever. The lucky one.

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The Wedding

The Wedding

I woke up bright and early. My mom came into my room to do my hair into a braid. The same braids she did for me when I went on my first date with him many years ago. I miss having my mom to do this for me, somehow it always warmed my heart. I’m just glad that I have her with me today, to go through it all. Today is the day. A relationship of five years with this man, today he’s getting married. I am not.

I looked into the mirror and tried to look happy. I try putting on a genuine smile which I probably have to use later. I then picked a white dress from my closet and put it in front of me, spinning around in my room while humming a happy tune. Should I wear this today? I would totally look like a kickass, awesome, stunningly beautiful bride in this. And I know he thinks I look beautiful in this.. I put a holt on my thoughts, and place it back. I picked out another dress, while my smile fades.

The weather is great today. I hoped it would rain. But it didn’t. I reached the church later that morning, and saw him standing outside receiving the guests. He was looking bright and suave in his tuxedo, and I wondered if that was the one I bought him. My eyes glanced over to the stalk of rose in his chest pocket, and I shun away from those thoughts. He walks over.

“Hey, I’m so glad that you could make it.”

“Hey yeah, of course I would make time for this, congratulations!” I try my best to say without sounding hypocritical. I flash my rehearsed smile. But I’m pretty sure I sounded bitter, and my smile, broken. He smiles and walks to the other guests. I felt a muscle in my arm move – almost reaching out to grab him. Feelings of nostalgia and melancholy, just from speaking to him.

I walked around the church and saw that it was filled with bouquets of Baby Breaths. The baby breaths that I love. My favourite flower. Our flower. I remember him getting me a bouquet of baby breaths on our anniversary. I choke up a little. Part of me wishes that he was trying to tell me something, something like he still misses me. I was wishing that he would still try to salvage our relationship. But I should know better, that isn’t true. He has her now.

The church bells ring, the guests settle down. The bride enters, they say their vows. He puts the ring on her finger, she on his. They kiss. Everything happened in a flash, it felt like a dream. Or rather, a nightmare. I wonder why I attended the wedding. His wedding.

November 28, 2015 – the day I watched him marry the girl of his dreams.

When We Reached The End

When We Reached The End

I toss and turn in my bed. Sleepless nights. Eyes dry from all the crying. I turn to the face beside me, trying to find some form of solace, but all I could feel from the view of his back, was coldness. Bitting my lips, I close my eyes and try to fall asleep.

Things weren’t always like this.

We met about a year ago. At a coffee house near my place. He came over to speak to me, and we clicked almost immediately. I felt like he was my soulmate. Such an overrated word, but yes, I found my soulmate. Or rather, I thought I did. He was very nice to me. He was smart; our conversations were always intellectual and challenging, and I always enjoyed talking to him. He was kind, and chivalrous, honestly it was difficult to not fall in love with a man as charismatic as he was. But as they say, “we should love, not fall in love, because everything that falls, gets broken”. And so, I fell.

Months went by and everything was great. We were just like the normal couples. We went for dinners, movies, gym. There were flowers, gifts, surprises. There was so much excitement and happiness. At one point of time, I even thought to myself “this could be it, he could be the one”. I don’t know when it started but soon after, everything started crumbling.

Maybe it was because we passed the so called honeymoon period. Maybe we got too comfortable with each other. Maybe we started taking each other for granted. All the habits or gestures we once found adorable started to annoy us. His burps became one of the things I would chid him for. As well as the way he speaks with confidence I now find so arrogant. He used to like me for my candidness, but now all he says is how demanding I am. I don’t know where we went wrong, and I don’t know how all these quirky things we used to like about each other turned into things we now blame each other for.

At first it was the minor arguments. Then some more arguments. The frequency increased, the volume increased, the vulgarities increased. In a blink of an eye, arguments escalated to heated quarrels. It felt like it was inevitable before one of us exploded. So someone did.

This continued for months. And here we are now, on the same bed, with our backs against each other. Not knowing what to do next. Not knowing how to salvage the situation. Not knowing how to turn back time and restart from when everything was still peaceful.

I don’t know what I can do to make things work, but maybe if I keep trying, it will be enough. I love him, and maybe that is enough. Under the sheets, I reach out to him and put my hand over his chest. Tears welled up in my eyes and I whispered, “I miss you, and I love you.”

The Non-Relationship

The Non-Relationship

“13. The one you placed on the pedestal

Sure, the guy who took me to the five-star restaurant, gave me the best orgasm of my life and made me laugh until I cried was great. But he’ll never be Jake.

For all intents and purposes, we all have a Jake. He — or she — is a past love we’ve planted on a throne that no future person could ever reach.”