Today, your name popped up on the screen to my cell. My heart didn’t race as quickly as before.

My heart did skip a tiny beat though. I thought to myself, oh finally he remembers my existence.

At that moment, many feelings surfaced within me.

A tiny bit of excitement because well, it’s him, The Great. *rolls my eyes a little*

A tiny bit of meloncholy because, it has been awhile since his name popped up on my phone.

And a huge part of me was glad. Because this time, I didn’t feel so much. His name didn’t stick a bone in my throat. It didn’t make me blush. It didn’t make me stutter on my words. This time.

“Do you wanna catch a movie tomorrow?”

And then the question comes. A question that brings me back to the beginning, the start of it all. My heart starts to pump furiously. The butterflies in my stomach came alive again.


– Photo Credits: Tumblr

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