We had a simple dinner at a pretty nice place. There was a live band. There was good food. There was you.

After dinner, we took a slow walk home. We talked about the things we were busy with recently, we talked about school, we talked about work. We talked about the things you like to do, the food you like to eat, the kind of clothes you like to wear. I felt like I got to know you better, even though we’ve known each other for a long time. It felt really nice.

We reached your place before mine. I was about to say bye, when you asked if it was safe for me to go home alone. You asked if it was too late. You asked if I wanted you to send me home.

As much as I hope I wouldn’t feel so much for that simple question, I failed. I failed to ignore those feelings deep within me that I keep trying to stay away from. Every time when you do things like this, I can’t help but fall for you a little more.

Today, you did it again.

And I fell for it, again.

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