My Heart Didn’t Race This Time

My Heart Didn’t Race This Time

Today, your name popped up on the screen to my cell. My heart didn’t race as quickly as before.

My heart did skip a tiny beat though. I thought to myself, oh finally he remembers my existence.

At that moment, many feelings surfaced within me.

A tiny bit of excitement because well, it’s him, The Great. *rolls my eyes a little*

A tiny bit of meloncholy because, it has been awhile since his name popped up on my phone.

And a huge part of me was glad. Because this time, I didn’t feel so much. His name didn’t stick a bone in my throat. It didn’t make me blush. It didn’t make me stutter on my words. This time.

“Do you wanna catch a movie tomorrow?”

And then the question comes. A question that brings me back to the beginning, the start of it all. My heart starts to pump furiously. The butterflies in my stomach came alive again.


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Goodnight, Dear Neighbour

Goodnight, Dear Neighbour


Every night as I lay on my bed, I peep through my window over to the bedroom across from mine. The lights are still lit. She’s still up.

Some nights I see her doing work with a serious face. Some nights I see her singing to herself. And there are nights where the lights are turned off before mine. Tonight, she’s doing a little dance which seems like a celebration of some sort. I wonder, what made her so happy today.

She turned over and I dodge, I hope that she didn’t see me this time.

Her lights go off. I wrap myself under the covers, thinking of her, the way she danced. I smile to myself, and this warm fuzzy feeling hits me. I don’t know how long I’ve been feeling this, but every night has ended like this ever since she caught my eye a year ago when I moved in. I wonder if I will ever gather enough courage to speak to her. 

But till then, please be well, and good night, dear neighbour..


The lights in his room went out. I guess he’s going to bed earlier today.

I’ll stay up a little longer because I can’t seem to sleep yet. Today was a good day, I went for one of the most amazing concerts ever, and I can’t stop thinking about it. Cues a dance move!

I sneaked a peak into his room while doing a twirl so I wouldn’t be so obvious. Wait, was he looking in too? Oh well, maybe I am just hallucinating like the other times. I remember seeing him a few times when I was walking home, and I always felt like he sneaked glances at me, but I was never sure.

I turn off the lights. I wrap myself under the covers and think to myself, will I ever gather enough courage to speak to him? 

But till then, please be well, and good night, dear neighbour..

To Stay

To Stay

There were so many times I could have chose to stop caring, to give it all up, to walk away, but I chose to stay.

Throughout all those times you made me feel like an option, all those times you made me feel unimportant, uncherished, I chose to stay.

I wished you would look at me. I wished you would do something. I wished you would make things work.

But even if all that won’t happen, I choose to stay.

You Did It Again

You Did It Again


We had a simple dinner at a pretty nice place. There was a live band. There was good food. There was you.

After dinner, we took a slow walk home. We talked about the things we were busy with recently, we talked about school, we talked about work. We talked about the things you like to do, the food you like to eat, the kind of clothes you like to wear. I felt like I got to know you better, even though we’ve known each other for a long time. It felt really nice.

We reached your place before mine. I was about to say bye, when you asked if it was safe for me to go home alone. You asked if it was too late. You asked if I wanted you to send me home.

As much as I hope I wouldn’t feel so much for that simple question, I failed. I failed to ignore those feelings deep within me that I keep trying to stay away from. Every time when you do things like this, I can’t help but fall for you a little more.

Today, you did it again.

And I fell for it, again.