Some days I forget to be grateful.

I get off from work, rush back home for dinner, do a quick workout, shower, and go to bed.

There’s no time for me to think. No time for me to reflect. No time for me to take a breather and just not think about anything.

I fall into deep slumber.

I wake up the next morning, jump off bed, rush to work, and the day starts. Emails after emails, powerpoints after powerpoints, meetings after meetings.

The day ends and the same routine continues.

Today I left office earlier than usual. I had dinner with my mom. And now I finally have time to pen this down. I start scrolling Instagram, and I see happy couples, people spending time with their families, people traveling. And then it hit me, I haven’t felt grateful in a long time.

Grateful that I have a family to spend time with, grateful for friends, grateful that I have a pretty interesting job, grateful that I get to travel, grateful for food on the table.

And now I will spend the rest of the night being grateful because I’m breathing, I’m living, I’m loving, very well.


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