One morning you wake up and realize, it’s never going to be the same again. You tried. You tried to talk to him. You tried to make things work. But deep down inside, you just know, this is it, the end.

You feel that slight sense of loss, because you know, he was the one. And now, you just have to let it all go. Deep inside, you still have a slight glimmer of hope that one day he would come back, but most of it has died. Because, you know he won’t.

The thing is, you still miss him. You know it won’t work out, it never would. Nevertheless, you can’t help but miss him. He lingers in your mind before you fall asleep, and he wakes you up in your dreams.

What do you do now? You try to stop missing him, but it won’t go away. That melancholiness swells up in you. Because you know.

No matter who else comes by, he will always take up that small tiny space in your heart that no one can ever take away. Because he was that special, and always will be.

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