Because people tend to take people for granted. It is almost inevitable. And I am guilty as well.

Before every movie, without him asking, she gets him coffee because he always drinks coffee in theaters.

After work, everyday, without her asking, he picks her up from her office. Some days at 6pm, some days at 7pm, and some days even later.

Once in awhile, without him asking, she cooks for him. He likes roast chicken and pasta, I shall make that for dinner tonight.

Some days, without her asking, he buys food over to her parents place for them to have. Her father loves pork knuckle, let’s get that tonight.

But no thank you, was ever heard.

Is it because they should be doing it, or because it has been so much of a habit that it doesn’t matter anymore?

I honestly don’t know. But note to self, always remember to be appreciative, and say thank you. It isn’t fair to have someone assume you’re thankful while they do the things they do for you.

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