My Ex-Boyfriend

Being friends with my ex-boyfriend; well it’s not easy, firstly, to put it all behind you, but time will do the job, and erase the awkwardness. And then here comes the good part.

Being friends again with him is wonderful. Not because you wish for something special to happen again, but because it’s great to be friends with someone you once liked so much. Remembering the reasons why you used to like him, and somehow feeling it all over again. And remembering those ‘moments’ you had with each other. Acknowledging that they were pleasant, and missing them, but not to the extent of wanting to relive them. It’s just, you’re glad that it happened. It’s almost like falling in love with the same person again, but no romantic feelings are involved. You just really really like him, as a friend, as family. Maybe it’s the way he giggles, like a kid no older than 10, which makes you feel like a kid too. It’s always happy to be around him, and you both feel at peace. No awkwardness, no chemistry. It’s like you can love someone, but not in a romantic way, just in a friendly way, and you know, you really friend-love this person. It’s a wonderful feeling. To have him back as a friend. And oh gosh, how much I’ve missed you.


So here goes. Finally created another blog for random rants about life. Just a platform for me to say whatever I want, and not get judged. So glad that WordPress has an app so that I can blog on the go, with the pretty organized layout! So yup, here goes!