Simple Innocent Creatures


After a hard day at work, I look forward to coming home to see him. He’s my happypill, and re-energizer. Just a hug and kiss from him warms my heart, and makes me feel so strong again. We have dinner together, then I bathe him, and tuck him into bed. I give him a kiss.

“Good night, I love you.”

Good night, I love you too.

On the weekends, we wake up late together. I’m tired, can we lay in bed all day? “Come on, we gotta get going!” We go for breakfast/brunch, morning strolls by the beach, and head home to rest.

I love looking at him. When he plays alone, he always seems to be in a daze, or rather deep in thought, thinking about nothing, or maybe everything. He looks as if he’s trying to figure the whole world out, he looks like he’s thinking so hard, wondering about the many things in life.

I love him. He is never afraid to give, and he never expects returns. Besides food, and toys. He’s always smiling at you, waiting for you, listening to you. He doesn’t understand much, but when you’re upset, it’s like he knows, and he becomes a really good boy. He comes to you, hold your hand, and even hugs you. It’s like he knows.

And dogs.


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