Lonely Christmas

She walked along the streets under the falling white snow. Beautiful sky, beautiful buildings, beautiful people. She looked around, realizing that everyone around her were couples. Boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives. But she? She was alone. Not necessarily lonely. But alone. Not necessarily bad. But alone.

It wasn’t always like that though. She loved, and had been loved, by a wonderful man. But then it ended. And on this fateful night, the amazing view, and all the couples who surrounded her, made her think of him again.

Ahh it would be nice if he was here. With me. Haha. Don’t be silly, you.

In a distance, she saw the fireworks display, people laughing, people kissing, people being together, and happy.

I never thought it mattered, but I’m envious. Of all these people, so deeply in love. When did Christmas become a couple thing. When did Christmas become Valentines day.

I don’t know. But I’ll wait. Until it’s my turn to have someone to hold my hand again.

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