My Dream Guy

Some people tend to say, there is no such thing as falling in love with a type of person. Well yes, I believe there shouldn’t be such things as “my dream man should be the handsome type.” Or “my dream man should be a humorous one.” And I agree, to a certain extent.

No one’s dream partner should be a particular type that describes a superficial characteristic. Because behind that superficial characteristic that interests you, there’s so much more to a person. That alone, is not sufficient.

After that being said, I do hope of a particular type of guy. My dream guy? Must be inspirational, and positive. Someone who is supportive, but at the same time doesn’t blindly support me. Someone who knows to tell me if I’m wrong, and shares his perspective of things, not to prove that I’m wrong, but to genuinely tell me about my skewed views. And how my view differs from his, but also accepts that my views are mine, and not for him to change as he likes. Someone who can hold a proper conversation without taking things personally, talk sense to me calmly and positively, and encourage me even when I’m wrong. Someone who is also kind and forgiving. Someone who can guide me, teach my random things (no matter how big or small), and wants me to excel as much as he wants himself to. A relationship where both parties respect each other, can grow alongside each other, trusting that despite growth there will not be negligence, and in fact more love. That is my dream guy.

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